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We are now stuck at home for the next 21 days given the coronavirus induced lockdown that was declared on March 24. A lot of people are scared to lose on the progress they have made on their fitness goals. We tend to snack a lot more when we are at home and also lose the means and the motivation to exercise regularly. However, the one thing that helps at this time is following easy-to-do short workouts that keep you fit. These routines are easy to maintain, need no equipment and keeps you striving for reaching your goal.

Fitness trainer, Sumaya Dalmia has an easy exercise routine to work your glutes and hips that you can follow ta home. Do 7-10 reps of each exercise, once every two days to keep yourself in shape.


The squat is an easy exercise to work your glutes. Squat to 90 degrees and left yourself back up. Make sure your core is engaged and your glutes are tight. The movement of your hips should be such like that when you sit back into a chair. Be careful that your knees don’t cross your toes for the perfect squat.


Stand in a split stance with your toes pointing forward. Make sure your core is tucked in and the body is upright and straight. Use your back leg to go closer to the ground. Press down in this position and lift yourself back up.

hips and glute workout - LUNGE

Donkey Kickbacks

This is the perfect exercise for working the glutes. Bend one leg and kick backwards. Again, it is very important that you keep your core engaged. To make it tougher, squeeze your glutes in and perform the exercise in small pulses. You can lean on a chair to give you support.

hip and glutes workout - DONKEY KICKBACKS

Side leg raise with kicks

This exercise works the hips. You can use a chair for support and leave it as your legs get stronger or when you want to make the exercise tougher. List your leg sideways as high as you can. You should feel the burn in your glutes and hips.

Hip and glute workout - SIDE LEG RAISE

Wide leg sumo squat

The wide leg sumo squat is the best workout for your inner thighs. Keep your legs wide apart and your back straight and perform a simple squat. You can also do this exercise in small pulses for that extra burn to your inner thighs.

hip and glutes workout WIDE LEG SUMO SQUATS

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